Your Needs Are My Platform

Addressing Crime

Focus on reducing crime through more access to community prevention programs and technology-enabled Community Watch

Connect Communities

C-Train extension priority and more accessible City services through language, mobility, sport, arts and settlement

Tax Transparency

Data-driven decisions to lower impacts to small-businesses & new Canadian families

Prioritize Schools

Collaborate with governments to rework school planning for communities

Building Momentum

Shape our community’s tomorrow with a City Council that works for you and your family today

A Trusted Voice

A Public Servant who understands the meaning of community service


Common Sense Calgary Interview with Danielle Smith
Tahir Merali, Ward 5 Councillor Candidate Election 2021
RedFM 106.7 Interview with Sajjad Mirza Sept 29 2021
Tahir Merali, Ward 5 Councillor Candidate Election 2021
This Is A Generational Election
All Candidates Debate – REDFM Calgary – October 13 2021
Ward 5 Councillor Candidates debate – Oct 6 2021 @ 8PM – Part 1
Ward 5 Councillor Candidates debate – Oct 6 2021 @ 8PM – Part 2
What Is A Rocket Scientist Anyway?
Why You Should Vote For Tahir Merali
Chatting with residents in Cornerstone.
Action is simple. My street has had speeding issues for years. So, I did something about it. I’m not a politician, I just care about my community! I will bring that approach to Council with your vote on Oct 18.
In Martindale, expanding on my platform which includes fighting for NE’s transit priorities, including extending the C-Train Blue Line to Redstone and Skyview and more reliable bus services.
The rain held off just long enough for the Community to ring in the opening of the new turf fields at the Genesis Centre – the only one of its kind in NE Calgary.
Did you know that Calgary has 1000+ km of urban pathways? My friend Nathaniel is cycling across Canada & chose Calgary on his adventure!
Volunteers were knocking doors in Falconridge for Tahir Merali for Ward 5!
Launching Your Needs Forward – Your Next Ward 5 Councillor, Tahir Merali

  • About Tahir Merali

    Rocket Scientist. Project Manager. Public Servant. Small Business Owner. Husband. Father.

    Perspective. It Shapes Us, Our Families, Our Communities.

    The space perspective has shaped Tahir’s understanding of how as society we can build better communities for our families. A professional engineer, Tahir Merali‘s work spans Canada and the World with Fortune500 companies to startups across the Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automotive and Business Consulting sectors.  He is a global Top 35 Under 35, an advocate for early-career mentorship, and knows what public service leadership requires.


    Tahir Merali has community service in his blood, a 2nd Generation Canadian who has volunteered with several Calgary non-profit organizations and community condominium boards since 1995. He has lived in countries including Spain, France, Germany, and The Netherlands and has seen how strong communities create great cities. Ward 5 deserves representation and leadership. Tahir Merali is your choice.


    Tahir Merali’s parents immigrated to Canada in 1972 fleeing ethnic oppression in Uganda. They instilled in him their work ethic and importance of giving back to community. Helping others was not just kindness, it was a way of life, so that their children would have the chance to grow and access opportunities in Canada – the same opportunities that make our cities thrive.

    A proud Calgarian, Tahir Merali has been an ambassador for Calgary on the international stage, and has seen Calgary grow from dial-up internet to its beautiful downtown skyline.

    Ward 5 is home, and it needs a committed voice to ensure it is heard. Calgary is where Tahir chooses to raise his young family. There is no other city with so much to offer for work, play and life.

The Tahir Merali Campaign Ward 5 appreciates your consideration to donate. Every dollar counts. Individual Albertans may contribute up to $5000. Per the Local Authorities Election Act, the campaign cannot accept contributions from people outside of Alberta, from corporations and unincorporated organizations, trade unions and employee organizations. Cheques can be made out to Tahir Merali Campaign Ward 5.

On Oct 18th 2021, Vote Merali for Ward 5











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